Hoot 'n Holler, Annie

from by Brad Stock

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Featuring the beautiful string section courtesy of Callie Reed, Violins/Cellos


She was minding her business on the side of the road
Picking blackberries when she found a blue toe
It belonged to a man who was in big trouble
With three big boys and a brand new shovel

He was out for a walk, but they gave him a ride
They opened up the glove box said you get inside
He said what’d I do? They said brother, you know
You got a pink piggy squealing, and it has to go, so

Hoot ‘n’ Holler, Annie, run to your daddy,
Find the man with the badge and break it to him gently, now

They took him to a place where the grass is not green
Shined flashlights in his eyes said you’ve been real mean
To a sweet little girl, who is only sixteen.
You done tuckered out her heart and you broken her dreams

And you should know better ‘cuz you’re older than dirt
You’re guilty in the eye and there’s blood on your shirt
Jesus says he loves you and you’re gonna confess
Why you got her drunk then you tore off her dress so

(Repeat Chorus)

She put that old toe in a freezer bag,
She wore a Cheshire Cat grin and a trucker’s hat
Revenge is a dish that is best served cold,
She was to young and he was way to old

Annie call the cops now, you should prob’ly confess
But you look so happy in your green summer dress
Maybe he deserved it now, and maybe he don’t
Speak it to the preacher and hope that he won’t tell on

(Repeat Chorus)

Now he limps into the sun
Paid his debt to everyone
To every girl he sees
To every torn down tree

Now he limps into the sun
Paid his debt to everyone
To every torn down tree,
To every girl he sees, so…


from The Atomic Clock, released July 24, 2012
Brad Stock-Vocals, Guitars
Callie Reed-Strings, Background vocals
Ken Critchfield-Upright Bass



all rights reserved


Brad Stock and the Atomic Clock

The Atomic Clock is a mythic journey that starts with the rising of The Sun and ends with the setting of The Moon. It is an epic sojourn, a spiritual, emotional, and physical journey from the perspective of a man who has seen a thing or two.

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